The Deep State is considered to be a group of influential career employees, members of the government and/or the military who are believed to assist in the manipulation or control of the government. They are thought to be career employees dedicated to a specific political party who will do anything and/or say anything to keep their agenda front and center in the United States.

What Democrats are saying

Former Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) said the federal government is “under attack from within.” He continued saying the “deep state” is trying to “destroy Donald Trump’s presidency.”

Kucinich is a former U.S.

Representative from Ohio who served from 1997 to 2013. Kucinich brought Articles of Impeachment against President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney and is noted for being the only Democratic candidate in the 2008 election to have voted against invading Iraq.

National security is at risk

Current thought is that the deep state is a combination of, Black Lives Matter and disgruntled leftist career employees along with rank and file democrats who are unhappy with the results of the last election and who intend to use every means possible to bring down the Trump Presidency.

Trump himself is giving fodder to these individuals using his Twitter feed as means to make, in some cases, some pretty outrageous comments that do nothing to add to his dignity as a president but do fuel the angst in his opponents.

Whether or not there is a deep state that people actually belong to, abide by and consort with remains an open question. But someone is leaking information to the American public, some of it openly ridiculous and other statements appearing to be true. However, when the source remains anonymous it is hard to substantiate such rumors.

I spent the last week watching various news channels attempting to do so in a non-partisan manner. CNN and MSNBC seem to have the corner covered for liberal watchers while FOX has it covered for conservatives. CBS, ABC and NBC and various local channels are decidedly liberal with no representation of conservative views as far as I could tell.

In fact, I found CNN to be politically volatile and since I rarely watch the news, getting most of my information off the Internet, I was shocked and appalled at some of the eye-rolling and obvious misspeak coming out of what people used to call reporters. FOX spouts antagonistic rhetorical analysis while MSNBC is, at times, just ridiculous.

I am an independent and as such have no political party in the game so-to-speak but I will say that the far left and right leaning crowd does strike fear into my heart. No one is willing to listen to the other side which I find distasteful and intellectually demeaning. This attitude does not bode well for a free society where people can speak their mind without fear of backlash.

I am afraid for our country when free thought is controlled by the media and people stop thinking for themselves. I no more believe that President Trump is influenced by the Russians any more than I believe that President Obama was a socialist Muslim. Trump may lean toward corporate shenanigans and Obama toward more socialist causes, but I do not believe that either one of them wants or wanted to destroy the United States of America. In my opinion, they are puppets ruled by the corporate mass and by that I mean something far bigger than Donald Trump.

I believe that the media has a monetary stake in what people are thinking and as such try to influence people to bring them around to their way of thinking.

The angrier people get, the more they watch what makes them angry, the more commercials they see and the more sugar they need to satisfy their sweet tooth so they feel better. Or maybe they need a new medication to help the depression they naturally feel when they watch little children get slaughtered in Syria or refugees are turned away.

Then there is the, let's feed little kids sugary cereals so we can give them more medication to treat their ADHD. Read the ingredients! At the bottom of all this wasted emotion lives a corporatocracy and they have a vested interest in keeping us at war with each other. Think independently. Use reason as your weapon. Break through the bonds that bind you to a certain thought pattern and open your mind. You might be shocked when you do.