They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and it is true. The photo of the president and first lady in Israel speaks volumes. When Donald Trump extended his hand to his wife Melania, she refused to touch him. Clearly this is a loveless marriage, and soon the two will be co-existing in the White House.

What happens when the first lady moves to Pennsylvania Ave?

One has to wonder how this couple will be able to pull off a united front when the first lady moves to Pennsylvania Ave. The brief exchange in Israel brings to mind the Beatles song "I Want To Hold Your Hand." Some are using the song in a joking manner, but truly, a first couple that seems to loathe each other is nothing to joke about.

On the day he was sworn in, Donald Trump left his wife to walk behind him, unlike former president Obama, who held Melania's hand and escorted her from the vehicle. Now, we have his wife showing complete disdain for him. The pretense that the Trumps are giving now will be more difficult in a White House that leaks every detail to the press. Having the FLOTUS in such close proximity could cause the president to become even more dysfunctional.

There is already a lot of tension coming from the Oval Office regarding Russia. President Trump was quoted as saying that firing Michael Flynn took some of the pressure off. In June he will have Melania underfoot. This will not only be a challenge in an obviously loveless marriage, but will give the White House staff something else to spin with fake news and alternative facts.

Melania's body language speaks

You do not have to be a professional to read the body language the first lady is speaking to her spouse. The Commander-in-Chief of the United States and his wife were on foreign soil. Both of them surely knew that the eyes of the world were upon them. Even so, Melania could not bring herself to hold her husband's hand.

This implies a level of disdain so great that she could not even pretend for the sake of the cameras.

All couples have problems, and that includes first couples. Previous presidents and their wives always put aside whatever private issues they had. Prior presidents and first ladies presented a united front when in public. And no one ever reported any issues between them behind closed doors.

The Trumps simply cannot do that. All eyes are already on number 45 and his spouse. If they cannot extend a simple courtesy to each other such as holding a door open or holding a hand, this is sad indeed.