When Donald Trump was running for the office of president, he said he would look out for the poor. The president also said he would not cut funding to programs that helped the less fortunate among us, but he lied. Donald Trump hast proposed 800 million dollars in budget cuts to programs that help the poor. This shows that our POTUS is a liar and hates the American people.

He says he is a Christian but is obviously not reading his bible

Donald Trump says he is a follower of Jesus, but he is really the most anti-Christian Commander-in-Chief ever. No other president, Democrat or Republican.

has shown such a disdain for the biblical commands to help the poor. President Trump is ascribing to the methodology that Ebenezer Scrooge had before he saw the light. Mr. Scrooge said: "let them die and decrease the surplus population."

The president said he was going to unite the American people, but again, he has shown himself to be a liar. Every decision he makes hurts this nation and divides us further. Proverbs 22:16 says those who mistreat the poor and help the rich will come to poverty. So it is very clear that our Commander-in-Chief is not making decisions based on what the bible says.

Americans are reaping what has been sown

Our 45th president is a billionaire who obviously disdains those who end up in situations beyond their control.

This was evident when he said that Senator John McCain was not a hero because he got caught, and became a prisoner of war. Americans voted for Trump so he would drain the swamp. They wanted change, and change we have. Our 45th president is a wheeling, dealing businessman who schemed and scammed his way to the top. He is now using that same crooked modus operandi in the White House.

Many have criticized him for not being presidential enough, especially when compared with his predecessors.

Now, those who voted him in are seeing that all Americans are reaping what has been sown. No one who loves his country would do all within his power to destroy the nation. The United States is divided between the haves and have-nots, and the middle class is rapidly shrinking.

Donald Trump's decision causes one to wonder if he is working with the Russians and purposely trying to destroy America. It's time for the GOP to take off the blinders and stop drinking the Kool-Aid. The man they are supporting is not patriotic, he cares not for the poor, and he most definitely is not presidential.