President Trump met with Turkish President Erdogan at the White House, this week: both very controversial figures and both believing that there is a coup against them. Last year, the Turkish president said that various military commanders were trying to unseat him in a coup attempt that was widely reported, from which he started a major crackdown his own people. As reported by The Hill, a former Department of Justice official and Trump surrogate said that leaks of daily controversies from the White House are part of a deliberate effort to "bring him [President Trump] down." They also reported that the Trump campaign has sent out emails with the subject reading "Sabotage," where they said that career bureaucrats were colluding with the media to undermine the White House.

The mentioned "DOJ official" said: "The systematic leaks are incredible and mendacious. It's essentially an attempted coup."

White House and Republicans acknowledge attacks from opposition

House Speaker Paul Ryan recently said during a press briefing that opponents had been trying to bring down Donald Trump for a while already, adding that they needed facts before they could draw conclusions about recent controversies. In a related case, it was reported that the House Intelligence Committee requested all documents from the FBI including the memo(s) that Blasting News reported on, hoping to review those facts. The administration has been persistent with the belief that they have complete and unquestionable power, such as White House aide Stephen Miller said earlier this year over controversial executive orders, as shown in the video with commentary provided.

President Trump has said that courts that have defied his executive orders are judicial overreach from "so called" judges. In other cases, the White House has also shut out the press to lessen accountability and among many other things, have hinted at weakening various government agencies to shift military power and take money away from human welfare programs.

A 'coup' on the Trump administration

This "unquestionable" power grab is clear with the reports that the President tried to influence former FBI director James Comey to stop investigating a former national security advisor, and then firing him for not doing so. Afterwards, the President attacked the credibility of the former FBI director which has caused many within his own party to begin to question their support for him.

The President has already shown that he's willing to attack members of his own party for opposing him. In the meantime, the Hill quoted a former contributor to the news blog who said that the White House feels that they are under siege. White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon - before being removed from the National Security Council - has said that they want to dismantle the administrative state, to purge the government of "deep state insubordinates." With this come fears that the "deep state" are trying to stage a coup against them.

The former contributor to the Hill and former member past transition teams, Barry Bennet, also said that the White House is right to believe this is the case and that because of this coup, "deep state" operatives will continue to leak information.