The question Newsweek asks on its cover is: What if trump and Russia really are tied? There's another question now. What if the GOP leadership in Congress knew about a CIA report substantiating Trump/Russia ties well before the election and refused to speak?


There is a third question. What if President Obama knew as well and refused to divulge it himself? Trump is either very lucky or up to his ears in knowledge that makes him liable to be removed for covering things up.

Ineptitude and moral collapse

The details of this sordid continuation are in a Washington Post story published today and I am including an account with a video of Rachel Maddow breaking the story for context purposes.

The details are more complex because we are dealing with yet another leak. The swamp is not draining now. It is flooding.

And McConnell, deservedly, is in the spotlight

If all of this holds up in the cold light of tomorrow and the day after, we are talking about a substantial part of the US' leadership in both parties who had the CIA's assurance that the Russia/Trump business was not just a connection, but a specific attempt to secure the election of Donald Trump.

A big mess

It may have involved the delivery of hacked emails from the Clinton campaign to Russian operatives to become the basis of their hostile actions.

We are talking a big mess. That is what it feels like and what it looks like. There is McConnel essentially threatening President Obama with a smear if he breathes a word of this story. We will await the President's version of events, but given that the damage was already done I do not see how he can escape some culpability.

His actions with Trump following the election have a "hear no evil, see no evil" feel.

Remember Adlai

Speaking of the honor of being the Democratic nominee back in the 'fifties, Adlai Stevenson said it "staggers the imagination and converts vanity to prayer." Likewise, the depth of the present perfidy and its breadth as well should have a similar effect.

Our politics has become so filthy that abject repentance on all sides is in order -- that and removal of those who have been the principal authors of national misfortune.


This story will go on. Just now it is appropriate to chew on the following from Crooks and Liars: "Mitch McConnell, James Comey, and others intentionally aided and abetted foreign aggression against American democracy." "Others" casts a wide net.