The 45th president of the United States is causing more drama. He seems to be on a path of self-destruction, as he boldly does whatever he chooses. On Monday, the Washington Post reported that the president shared confidential, highly classified information with the Russian ambassador to the US and the Russian Foreign Minister. Donald Trump is now defending his decision to share ISIS information with the Russians. CNN reported an interview, where president Trump said that the envoys from the Kremlin are going to help fight ISIS, and he had the absolute right to share the information with them

Is Trump a madman?

The American people are stunned, and even some Republicans are troubled, with Donald Trump abusing his authority.

He is showing no regard for policy, and is unschooled in the ways of political policy. All he knows is wheeling and dealing and the art of the deal. He was never qualified to run the nation, and now, those who voted for him are reaping what they have sown. It's unfortunate that the antics of this man are affecting all Americans, and not just those who put him in office.

Most sensible individuals would be backing away from all things Russian. A wise person would distance themselves and be doing everything to prove there was no collusion. President Number 45 is showing his defiance toward Americans who believe he has something to hide. He obviously considers himself untouchable. This should not be the case, because the United States has 3 tiers of government that are supposed to keep a system of checks and balances.

A Commander-in-Chief is not supposed to go rogue and do whatever he likes.

The secret meeting

This probably would not have been an issue, except that the Russians published photos of the secret meeting between their envoys and President Trump. Previously, this meeting was not known about, and it explains why the White House is no longer making visitor logs public.

How long can the Republicans continue to defend this man? What will it take for them to be in agreement with Democrats that Trump must go. It's time for the GOP and the liberals to come together as one, for the good of the people they serve. If they do not, Donald Trump could destroy this nation.