The President is really shaking things up on the hill. He is causing himself much grief and not getting anything meaningful accomplished. I will briefly highlight recent activity with my own spin.

Will we lose all credibility due to this man and his tirades

Under no circumstances would I follow this man on Twitter. My feed is already crammed with useless garbage why do I need to see a struggling leader's rants? Seriously you need to keep most things close to home. No one needs to see you struggle with common issues. Just fix the problem.

Comey should have been gone at least 90 days ago.

The mistake might be in waiting so long to do the deed. We can see you are not afraid of any of the things most presidential folks would never touch. Embarrassment is the least of our worries. What I see is internationally you may be quickly losing any and all diplomatic potency you may have possessed. Quite frankly you are becoming a diplomatic dud.

You struggle with sincerity. You clamor with words…like your thought process is saying something and also saying OOPS! I screwed up. You are not comfortable at least when you are in front of us that is. Maybe behind closed doors, you are really something special. Will we ever know for sure though?

The latest media crisis Trump endured

The disclosure to the Russians seems to be the current issue.

The mainstream media seems very concerned about America losing ties with a key overseas intelligence provider. The reasoning is along the lines of the possibility it is a Russian adversary.

Never mentioned is the possibility the information was from a source that gave the nod to go ahead. Maybe even someone wishing to create a dialogue with Russia, Israel, and the USA?

Neither is the possibility observed of the info coming from a Russian cooperative and the opportunity was presented to smoke out a White House snitch. As this develops I am leaning more towards the latter 2 theories. Either way sounds like someone will be having some bad heartburn.

White House soap opera is a nice daily distracter…well maybe not

Every’ day we have drama…drama …drama. How can anyone work in this environment you immerse yourself in Mr. trump? You never coordinate with your staff. They always have to revisit or add to the statement they made two hours before, which you contradicted. Not once, but many times Mr. Trump. Now you wish to eliminate press releases based on your clumsiness with standard precedents. These precedents have been maintained religiously in past presidencies.

Fulfilling campaign promises

Wow, so many promises and so many executive orders. I think Mr. Trump holds the record for promises. Like an SEO geek on steroids seeking the best keywords, Mr.

Trump was out to catch all the votes. His obsession with keeping his promises is admirable. His attempts do appear to be sincere and genuine in a typical business fashion. But will they work in the long run?

Everyone that has held this office seems to be seeking the secret sauce. To break the wills of all oppressors and sealing their place in history. But standing behind dying industries is not a wise move. In 50 years, the oil industry will have run its course. Plastics will be the primary use in the future, but not enough to sustain the current industry. Coal will be totally dead as technologies for energy continue to improve. I feel bad for anyone that hangs on for too long hoping for a revival of these industries.

I have been through the fall of the timber industry.

Trump’s Promise: Trump executive orders

The presidential executive order list for the current president is not as long as you might think. Franklin Roosevelt had over 3700 executive orders. So anyone saying Mr. Trump has overstepped himself better check the facts. Maybe this activity is not so bad after all. So by all rights, Mr. Trump will have to step up the pace to claim the EO record.