Hello, Scorpios! Tuesday is here! How are you doing today? Today on Blasting Astrology, your horoscope is about opinions, communication, and work. Let’s see what the stars have in mind.

What to expect

Today, Scorpio, do you have a tendency to give more weight to popular opinion than your feelings? You tend to see movies that everyone talks about, listen to the popular music, or read best sellers.

Is that what you want? Since your tastes are exactly like that of most people. So how about paying attention to you what you truly want for a change?

So, Scorpio, you're the kind of person who has a unique way with words -- but today's astrological additives will magnify your verbal dexterity many times over.

If you've meant to make amends, reveal a secret or just get something off your chest, then start talking. It couldn't be a better time to set yourself up for success -- you'll triumph in all your communicative endeavors.

The Moon is in Saturn-ruled Capricorn which brings you all the good things in every aspect especially at work. Your efficiency will be to the max, and your efforts will be appreciated, especially if you work in the field of marketing. You can expect to be rewarded with some promotion or some bonus as well.

The Moon is in Capricorn, which brings you all the good things in every aspect especially at work. You will be very efficient, and your hard work will be appreciated especially if you are into marketing.

You may be rewarded with some promotion or some bonus as well.

Conflict is normal and healthy, but you're not buying it. Some might be surprised that you're not crazy about confrontation. Just because you're strong and in command doesn't mean you like causing a fracas.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Scorpio, on the personal front, keeps your ears perked up for some good news coming today from someone close to you, either family or friends.

Today, you will enjoy stability in your emotions and feelings. Take advantage of your good mood and spend time with your loved ones.

Anything in silver will have positive effects on you today.

Tonight's not the night to experiment with new encounters which could hold unpleasant surprises. It would be better to organize a night out with friends.

For the older Scorpio, you will constantly get requests for attention and affection -- the person with you is rather demanding, and you are always able to satisfy all of their needs!

Give the person close to you a little freedom: he or she will appreciate it! Well, Scorpio, that’s it for today’s daily horoscope. Thanks for reading!