It is hard not to think of scooping the big media -- Times, WaPo. LA Times, WSJ, Guardian, and networks -- when scouring the Web for the latest on the Russia matter. It actually comes down to the reliability of sources. If the source uses Twitter as an outlet for speaking to the world, scoops are impossible but you can still beat these media giants. My guess is that these giants themselves are doing the same thing I do.

So what am I reporting? Flynn may have flipped and could, as we speak, be in the process of saying what he actually knows about to the government.

We could be on the threshold to an answer to why Trump has been so solicitous of Flynn. The presumption must be that either there is nothing there but brotherly love, but also a mountain of damaging truth.


A quick review is in order. Flynn originally shopped himself around in exchange for immunity. Congress did not buy it. But he would not have done it if he had not committed a punishable offense. Then the Senate subpoenaed him. Give us the goods, they said. He pleaded the fifth. The short answer is that such cases are hard to make but you can be jailed for contempt. I suspect Flynn felt the doors closing and decided to go back to the Feds and cut a deal.

That is what the tweet embedded below says.

And I offer it as the latest hard news we have going into the long weekend.

To access the tweets in this significant story read the Blue Dot Daily link above. The short version is that Flynn is proffering evidence.

A double development

Now Kushner

So in addition to Flynn becoming a better-known quantity, we have Jared Kushner entering the lists as the briefly named "person of interest" in the West Wing.

He will surely have stories to tell as he was more or less the point person on data that had to do with Russia during the Trump campaign. The fact that he is sort of the everything guy in the West Wing suggests that staffing remains thin.

The most significant thing in the CNN account above is that calls to the White House for Kushner on this matter are now being referred to his lawyer.

Do we need a government?

This is getting crazy. I seriously wonder if we elected Trump because we wanted a sit-melodrama running 24/7 to relieve the boredom of a society wallowing in debt and saturated with drugs. We may be in the wrong place if we came expecting governance or attention to issues or care for people. The idea of being the media and this being the story is beginning to turn weird in my octogenarian head. It is a good thing we live a day at a time -- whether we have to or not.