Feminism, among many, is described as just a "man-hating movement that promotes lesbianism." Despite the many efforts of well-known feminists, such as Emma Watson, Rowan Blanchard, and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, to explain feminism, people continue to deny that it is a movement striving for equality.

Screening of 'Wonder Woman'

Wonder Woman,” set to be released in theaters on June 2, 2017, does not fall short of the backlash feminists receive. As one of the few big-time superhero movies to have a female lead and a female director, this film is becoming a symbol for female empowerment.

In an attempt to show their support for girl power, Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas has decided to host a women-only screening, and people are not happy about it. Most of the negative feedback, which can be found on the cinema’s facebook page argues that the separation is unnecessary and only creates bigger problems. Many men were hurt that they were excluded and were asking if they were going to be provided with the opportunity to have their very own men-only screening of the movie because, of course, they need it too.

Safe spaces and solidarity

The fact that men are outraged over being excluded from this screening, and feel that they need their own screening shows how necessary feminism is. Women are not allowed to have their own space without men complaining about not being invited, which is interesting, in this specific situation, given that many men claim that they have no interest in watching “chick flicks” in the first place.

Despite this, though, there are so many men that just have to watch this movie the day it is released in that specific theater.

Why did this anger so many people? Surely, there are other theaters around that will let anyone in to watch the film, so it's not like these men will not have access to it. Even though there are so many spaces that are men-centric in our patriarchal society -- for example, our government -- men feel the need to be invited everywhere.

This can be compared to the argument that has been made about having a "straight pride parade" or a "white history month." There is no "straight pride parade" because Straight People hold the power. Straight people do not need to ask for rights.

The same can be said about this movie. Just the fact that there are so few large-scale Hollywood movies that are directed by women, and that have a female superhero as the lead proves this.

Most big-time directors are men, so when a movie directed by a man and starring men is released, it is not a big deal. Men, in this industry, hold the power.

People in power feel threatened when they are not allowed into a small space created by the oppressed regardless of the fact that the powerful take up the rest of the space. It's like when drivers complain about not being able to park in the handicapped parking spaces when they have the rest of the parking lot to choose from. The little bit of space they are not allowed into is too much for them to handle because it threatens their power.