Yipee! It’s Friday! Geminis! You are known for your wit and charm and that’s because you were born between May 21 and June 20. Today’s horoscope looks at professional goals and romance. Astrologer Megan Wilson breaks it down for you so you can understand what the stars have to say.

What to expect

Today, Geminis, don't expect this day to be one of your favorites. With your powerful intellect, you may be all too aware of the constraints of your chief occupation.

With the moon in Aquarius, the influences suggest that it’s a great day for all professionals.

New opportunities present themselves at your workplace which will create more productivity and you will be very efficient in those tasks. That hard work will be rewarded and appreciated and future career goals will be in the works. It is a good time for making any decisions.

Oh, Oh, here it comes Gemini, that woozy, dreamy feeling. You have experienced it before and very familiar with it. Fortunately, once you get through the day, you will be able to devote as much time as you like sighing and staring out the window. That is until that special someone finally makes their long-awaited appearance and your dreams become a reality.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Gemini, try to define new personal and professional goals.

They will sustain you through your chores. In the meantime, go ahead and ask for that raise.

Today, no need for worries, plan a little holiday with your family -- it can be a stress reliever in the long run.

Wear bright blue for good luck today.

Every day seems to be the same as all the others so spend some time in the sporting center or go to the park with your roller blades.

Tonight, check out new movies. The stars suggest you don't overdo it, so go see a comedy movie with your friends.

For the older Gemini, beware of flattery from someone who over-uses the word "love." You're happy being single and there's no crime or shame in that. However, don't show yourself as being weak to someone who wants to take advantage of you.

According to the stars, it's time to go big or go home. So there’s no need to wait anymore. Those plans need implementing and quickly too. Start with small steps and set reasonable goals for yourself and before you realize it, you’re there!

That’s it for today’s daily horoscope. Hope you enjoyed and be sure to check out your horoscope for tomorrow. Thank you for reading, and have an awesome Friday!