Happy Tuesday, Geminis! How's it going? Today’s horoscope looks at partnership, romance, and exercise. What are the stars trying to tell you today, Gemini? Astrologer Megan Wilson breaks it down for you in today's reading.

What to expect

Today, Gemini, the current planetary aspects are giving height to your natural compassion for other people. Your relationships will be at the front of your mind today. You feel good about yourself and other people can tell! People are attracted to you and wish to partake of your healing serenity. Listen without judgment as people pour out their hearts.

That is a very precious skill.

Even though you're a master at communication, there is bound to be some kind of misunderstanding with your loved ones, due to the presence of the Moon in Capricorn. You may feel slightly irked by the stubborn ways of your family and try to take the situation into your hands. If you want to resolve the existing impasse, you'll need to start working on your end, rather than expecting empathy.

Some recent upheavals had you in a whirl, and various mundane life matters had to fall by the wayside. To get things back on track, enlist the help of loved ones. Before you know it, things will be ship-shape.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Gemini, today, it can go two ways for you right now, romantically speaking.

An existing relationship will become far more intimate or a new relationship will take off like a speeding train. Either way, you'll have to excuse the rest of the world and sneak off to your little love shack. Don't worry, everything will still be here when you emerge from all next week.

You should prioritize practicing patience and find inner peace.

When you are at peace, nothing can disturb you.

Wear yellow today to attract positive energy.

You won't be prone to laziness today so get your sneakers and run to the gym to regenerate yourself a little. This will help you to feel better.

Tonight the stars will be good to you, Gemini. If you have a rising sign in Taurus, it's likely that you have been dreaming of fairy tale love for quite some time.

If you continue to believe, your dream will definitely come true! In the meantime, sit back and enjoy life as it is right now.

Okay, Gemini, that’s it for today’s daily horoscope. Hope you enjoyed and be sure to check out your horoscope tomorrow. Thanks for reading, and have a great Tuesday!

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