I write one nice article about Trump and now he is back proving that he is unfit for office. Now even his most faithful followers are starting to see it. He is back pressing after two humiliating strikeouts for a third vote now. He has not read it. Its premise is unfair.It is a nefarious concoction of the far right House Freedom Caucus with a loophole a mile wide. It will permit unresponsible red states to foist the bill tor the care they decide not to give onto the rest of the nation. The quick vote will not allow the CBO to see what the defective bill will cost.


This is a travesty that should mobilize the entire nation to remove this man from office. He cannot govern. He wings it He has not read the bill. He does not know what is in it. So intent is he on obliterating Obama from the national consciousness that he still calls this bill a repeal and replacement of Obamacare. It is a repeal for certain. It replaces Obamacare with a shadow of the coverage and gives to the most retrograde and selfish states the power to do whatever they want. Medicaid was supposed to expand. It will shrink.

A bad vote

As before the health community is up in arms and by al rights, the call for a fast vote should put the final nail in the coffin of this sorry enterprise.

The House apparently wants to see the Senate twist in the wind, but the chances are just as good that the bill will die in the House before the week is over.


The real story should be the incompetence of the president, a man simply not up to the job. Even a strong and robust younger man goes gray very soon in the office.

A 70-year old whose doctor is a comedian is simply unable to function without lapsing into incoherence as the NY Times reports in the article you can read by following the embedded tweet below.

The president must go

At some point, the trump family will have an intervention and tell their beloved patriarch that if he wants a few more seasons of golf he will have to leave and go home to where he is comfortable and not under so much pressure.

The pressure will get even one as adept at avoiding it as Trump. The president has everything coming at him 24/7. There is a limit.

Will it happen?

There will be a tipping point. Like this preposterously bad bill. And when someone says it is time for him to go, the comment will not fade. It will grow in volume. People do not want to be dragged down by an incompetent person who is more an actor than a leader.It is less a matter of whether than when. When it happens we may even miss the fellow a little. But we will breathe a huge sigh of relief and start to restore a little order to the chaos.