It won’t be long until the final 10 episodes of “Pretty Little Liars” begins. While there are many fans upset that the show is wrapping up, there isn’t any need to be. Did you know that the show was based on a Book Series first? And did you know that the book series is widely different from what the TV show has become? You need to read the books right now and here’s a look at why.

You definitely won’t be spoiled

Just because you know who A is in “PLL” on Freeform doesn’t mean you know the identity in the books. Sure, there are a few similarities but there are some major differences.

Let’s just point out that there are characters in the show that aren’t even part of the book series—yes, Caleb is one of those anomalies. If you’re worried that you’ll just read the same thing again, then put that out of your mind and pick up the first book.

While one A is the same, there is another one that is completely different in the book. You’ll have fun working out the differences and going through the same detective processes from the earlier seasons of “PLL.”

You’ll get far more detail

One thing about books is that there is far more detail shared. The TV show relies on things that it can say through dialogue or the odd hints of props within the scenes. This can become stale and repetitive and can almost make it seem like the writers think the audience is dumb.

That isn’t the case with the book series. The “Pretty Little Liars” books focus on a lot of description that helps offer clues without giving anything away. It doesn’t mean it will be easier to join the pieces together but you will have fun working out who A really is from the in depth descriptions.

You’ll also learn a lot more about the Liars.

The descriptions go right down to what they wear, who they are, and the life they’ve had before. No more guessing about how timelines fit together.

It’s time to pick up the “Pretty Little Liarsbooks if you haven’t already. Don’t be sad that the show is ending. The books will give you a new world of deceit, lies, and horror to get stuck into.