“The Vampire Diaries” may be over but it still continues to live in our hearts. It’s not surprising that there are fans still discussing the show on social media forums. The UK hasn’t even had the series finale air! Well, with all that in mind, here’s a look at the best ever villains that made their way to “TVD.

The Gemini Witch, Kai

Of all the bad guys, there was only this one who had to spend decades trapped in a prison world. He was so dangerous that his family of witches refused to let him fight against his sister and kill her. This was a man who was never supposed to be found, until the Other Side was destroyed and Bonnie and Damon found themselves trapped in the 1994 version of “Groundhog Day.”

Kai wasn’t just interested in taking over his coven.

He was one of the most dangerous witches around. He was willing to stop at nothing to completely destroy anyone against him, and was crazy enough to succeed if left to his own devices. The only way to stop him was to put him back into a prison world!

The vampire on the run, Katherine

Who doesn’t agree that Katherine was one of the most formidable bad guys on “The Vampire Diaries"? She never gave up, even after she was killed and went to hell. This was a woman who would always look out for herself. There were hints that she loved others, but that fight or flight response when in danger was far too overpowering.

It wasn’t surprising to find out that she was the final big bad of the show. It started with her and Stefan and it was going to end that way.

Destroying her completely was always going to be the only way to completely save Mystic Falls.

The original doppelganger, Silas

I wanted to put Qetsiyah on this list, but there was one reason she was so evil: Silas. He pretended to love her to create an immortality spell for himself and his true love Amara. Is it really that surprising that Qetsiyah went off looking for revenge?

Silas and Amara created the original doppelgangers, too. Without their actions, “TVD” could never have happened.

Silas wasn’t afraid to kill to get his own way. And he happily used his telepathic powers to make everyone do as he wished or make them see what he wished. There were some horrifying moments for the Mystic Falls locals.

Do you agree with this list? Who were your favorite “TVD” villains throughout the series run? The show may be over but there may be hope of a new spinoff in the future.