Sarah Palin, the electric and highly volatile Governor Of Alaska, was a running mate to the well known #Senator John McCain in the election in 2012. (John McCain, by the by, is one of the biggest Republican critics of Donald Trump). They lost to Obama and with this loss Palin missed out on a potentially defining chapter in her life. She has since drifted into the background but many wonder when she will return to for a second coming.

The Sarah Palin we saw

#Sarah Palin is fiercely conservative and has drawn much criticism for her personal style and her bad way with words.

But she also appeals to the sort of voters who voted for Trump in the 2016 election, those who felt they were being left behind in the wake of globalism and the loss of manufacturing jobs to other countries.

From the very time that she wowed the #Republican convention with her acceptance in 2012, she was seen as fierce and adamant ideologue, and in time she was charged as being too sensitive and also very vindictive.

But as the Atlantic points out, Palin did a lot of interesting things when she was in office in Alaska as the governor. She worked with #Democrats to try and get #Big Oil into line and she also solved some of the state's biggest issues and challenges. Why then is she so universally hated?