President Donald Trump earlier this year signed a resolution that blocks an #Obama-implemented rule that would have prevented around 75000 citizens with mental disorders from purchasing #guns.

This rule was one of former #President Barack Obama's efforts to define and strengthen the federal background check system after the horrific 2012 Newtown, Connecticut gun violence that ended with many deaths.

President Donald Trump however has come in and done away with those #safety checks, and it's hard to see his justifications. He signed a bill into law that essentially makes it easier for Mentally Ill people to buy a gun.

Obama's reasonable gun law

Had Obama's logical and reasonable rule been filly implemented, then, as the Obama administration has calculated, it would have added about 75,000 names to that database. This would have significantly reduced the number of deaths from gun violence in the US.

Obama's rule was fought bitterly by #gun rights fans who claimed that it impeded on their Second Amendment rights, which is a traditional lobby for such gun enthusiasts.

However gun control advocates were excited about the potential of the rule to minimize the risk form mentally ill people from having access to #guns.