Bill Nye has something important to say about politics and science

bill nye is better known to Americans as the Science Guy. His somewhat nerdy persona plays well for many Americans thirsty to know more about science and how it works. Children are among his biggest fans and adults are some of his most devoted. Why? They trust him. His easy-going demeanour and talent for explaining complex scientific theories in understandable and even entertaining ways has granted Bill Nye the Science Guy a fair amount of fame and admiration. After all, he is an educator, television personality, and mechanical engineer.

Plus, he is the CEO of the world's largest non-profit space interest group, The Planetary Society. Therefore, the opinions he expresses ought to matter. Or should they?

Last Saturday's first-ever March for Science had more than 600 marches taking place throughout the world. Nye serves as the co-chair. Part of the message the marches sought to carry is that science is political, and not partisan. Moreover, it is science that should shape our policies. This was one concept the Science Guy outlined passionately during a speech he gave at one of the March for Science events held in Washington DC.

The day before, his new Netflix series, "Bill Nye Saves the World," premiered to overall strong reviews by the show's viewers posting online opinions.

Given the two events, it appears that the Science Guy has something to say that he feels is deeply important for the world to hear. It will be interesting to witness the unfolding of Nye's seemingly stronger political agenda.

The US Constitution, science, and progress

The gist of Nye's speech was to point out that science is and has always been political.

Science is the way humankind discovers objective truth. The Science Guy reminded his audience that Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution refers to promoting "the progress of science and useful arts," in an effort to encourage innovators, expand the economy and create just laws.

One of Bill Nye's goals was to call-out President Trump's policies regarding a whole host of stances the the Trump administration is taking regarding global warming and other ideologies.

Nye believes that science is wilfully being undercut by political forces determined to maintain the status quo, while policies to advance the nation's long-term interests ought to be embraced.

The extractive fossil fuel industries, according to Nye, are among the worst culprits, producing a deluge of deliberate misinformation by those whose interests seem to be narrow, short-term, and monetary. Scientists, engineers, and researchers have taken it upon themselves to organize and raise awareness about their professions and the vital importance of the scientific enterprise -- Bill Nye the Science Guy being chief among them.