Recently The United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson commented that when the issue of North Korea arises, all of the options would be on the table. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump recently sent out on Twitter that the #Northern Koreans are looking for trouble, and that if China didn't deal with the country's nuclear arsenal then the US would.

The threat of a dramatic nuclear war

How does that make a person living in #South Korea feel? Probably not so comfortable right now with a new President Trump. Probably like a political pawn in a game of advanced nuclear warfare.

Whilst life still goes on in South Korea, there are some nerves erupting within the populace. On social media there are rumors of a potential all-out nuclear war drawing government officials to speak out in a request for calm. People are nervy. The future is uncertain.

Tensions between South and #North Korea are an enduring and long running fact of life for South Koreans, especially in April when South Korea conducts its annual military runs with the United States. North Korea always responds with hostility to these military exercises, claiming that the US and the South are practicing for an invasion of North Korea. It then steps up its rhetoric and starts sounding threatening, until April is over and relative peace is restored.