We do not think of the families of ISIS folk who died at the hands of Donald Trump or the US, depending on your attitude. We reserve empathy for some but not all. As far as the news goes, the Big bomb near the Pakistan border in cave regions was Trump getting ISIS out of the way in 30 days. Who can negotiate with people who chop off heads and destroy priceless art? If you don't think the big reality TV star in the White House is real, think again? If you do not think dropping the big one will have consequences, same drill.

Casual approach

The president is almost casual about all this.

There is no Obama sobriety from this teetotaler. It's all in a day's work. The problem is this. For every bit of harm the president deals out, there seems to be a growing deficit of good. Getting rid of ISIS is more or less inviting others to get into the fray. Closing borders and playing games with health-care can do little but harm to individuals you may never see or know. There is nothing casual about consciously inflicting harm.

Facebook has a problem

There is exhibitionism which is just us making fools of ourselves. Then there is snuff stuff online for all to see.

The Web is mostly hidden from our eyes. What we see is super-filtered. But sometimes the unthinkable slips through as free speech followed by "Whoops!"

Live death

Axios reports Facebook announced it had passed Snapchat in daily active users. This is one-percenter metrics sent out to us plebes to impress us. But at the same time, Facebook was confessing human error prevented it from hiding terrorist material and child pornography.

Even worse Facebook allowed circulation of a teen (AKA a child) killing himself which was seen live on Instagram. Perhaps the day is not far off when we will have military videos spirited to Facebook with grisly scenes of Trumpian triumph in far-off places.

Reality as a snuff film

We draw lines between things that are mingled in the totality of who we are.

Reality if we saw it all would be snuff films and saintly movements in each of us. We combine the good and the bad and do what we decide to do.

Self-acceptance and forgiveness

Reality is all and all is a mix of good and evil. Progress is reducing the evil. Evil is harm. But what is the basis of self-acceptance? Forgiveness is the answer. We cannot live without daily seeking forgiveness and receiving it in exchange for our penitence. For forgiveness to be real and freeing, penitence must be genuine. Easter Weekend is a good time to reflect on such matters.