Donald Trump is a billionaire businessman who is used to winning. In November he achieved his goal of becoming president of the Unites States. Unfortunately it does not seem as if this notch on his belt has brought much reward. It is being reported that for all his billions, and all he has acquired, the Donald is not a happy man. According to a Washington Post opinion piece published today, written by Callum Borchers, the president is joyless. Borchers says only 3 days into the presidency, White House press secretary Sean Spicer described his boss as being demoralized by the way the media was covering him.

The president is getting what he has been asking for

Logic would indicate, if you desire people to stop criticizing something you are doing, then you stop doing that thing. The president has done just the opposite. He has continued with every behavior that gets him bad media reviews. He has not changed his method of operation, therefore, the media will continue to say the same things about him. In addition, president Donald Trump has called most media outlets liars, who air or publish fake news. Yesterday the POTUS was signing executive orders, when reporters began asking questions. As soon as they mentioned Russia, the president walked out of the room without answering the questions. When Vice president Mike Pence told him he had to finish signing the orders, Mr.

Trump said he would do it in another room.

Some people were fooled by a one time deal

it is difficult to believe that President Trump does not realize he is bringing all of this on himself. He is getting just what he has asked for by his un-presidential behavior. Donald Trump ran his campaign on indifference, and intolerance.

Minorities, women, and the LBGT community all felt the sting, as hate crimes increased after Trump won the election. The president cannot expect to feel the love when he either intentionally or inadvertently is promoting hate. When the POTUS spoke kindly to the widow of Navy Seal Ryan Owen, CNN's Van Jones said that Donald Trump had now become presidential.

My husband and I looked at each other and shook out heads. We realized that this was a one time deal. We knew that as soon as the president stepped outside those doors, it would be business as usual and it was. Several other reporters remarked that they believed we were about to see a new and improved Donald Trump, but we did not.

Earlier this month several reporters for the Washington Post said that the president was "seething," because he watched round the clock news coverage of himself. Perhaps our Commander in Chief should stop watching so much news coverage and work on the issues that are alienating the American people. Maybe if he tries a little kindness, he will receive some in return, and perhaps the president can be happy in the position that he desired. Or, he may not be able to have joy as long as the Russian Bear is on the loose.