The Associated Press just released the results of a poll regarding the alleged Russian collusion. It seems that more Americans desire the probe into Trump ties to the Kremlin to continue, than those who do not. Two thirds of Democrats and one third of Republicans say the investigation should move forward. The resignation of General Michael Flynn, along with questionable activities from other Trump associates have raised eyebrows. Although the margin is slim, most Americans are saying forge ahead, and see where it all ends. Overall, 52 percent of all U.S.

citizens polled want to find out the truth. Of those who participated, 23 percent were against continuing the investigation, and 22 percent simply did not care.

Why some Americans do not want the truth revealed

Why, with all the information that we know thus far, would 23 percent of people polled not want the investigation to move forward? Some of them probably truly believe that the president is innocent. Others simply want him to be. These are more than likely the Trump voters who were chanting "Lock her up" and "Build the wall." They were worked up into a frenzy during the election process. These Americans wanted change and believed President Trump was going to drain the swamp. Their expectations of Donald Trump are so high, they would be devastated if the Russia trail leads straight to him.

Trump's most ardent fans have thus far not acknowledged the possibility of his guilt. On Facebook when anyone suggests as much they are told that the election is over, Hillary lost, or Obama is out. These Trump supporters believe anything said against him is due to the fact that Democrats are sore losers.

What facts of a collusion would mean

Should the truth implicate the POTUS, he will no doubt be impeached. His supporters would have to admit they were wrong and that would be embarrassing. They would have to face facts. Not everyone who wants to know the truth is hating on Donald Trump, wishing Hillary had won, or Obama could have had a third term.

Donald Trump ran a nasty, negative campaign. It was on the fringes of sexism, racism, anti-Semitism, anti-Muslim, and anti- LBGT. If Donald Trump leaves the White House, so will his reality show, used car salesman ways. Those he has caused to bring their hate for different Americans front and center, will have to crawl back into the woodwork. They will no longer have an ally in the Oval Office, to champion their cause. This is why they wish the investigation would go away.