The clues should be pretty obvious, amid all the noise of the internet and current efforts to put a good face on an administration that gets an A in only one subject. That subject is Transition to Dictatorship. I shall confine myself in this article to a single chilling matter that is definitely being lost in the shuffle. It is the deletion with trump's imprimatur of essential websites. Attend.


This is from Susan Walsh / AP via Axios. Trump has allowed the Environmental Protection Agency to engage in what Walsh calls "a climate-change-skeptic makeover" to its websites.

The history of climate change and its causes has been deleted. Information about research is no longer available. Twenty years of work by the agency has vanished.

Frustrating inquiry

This is more than a partisan shift. It is taking the scientific truth and making it unavailable to inquirers. The suppression of inquiry was regarded by the great, politically conservative American philosopher, Charles Sanders Peirce, as among the worst, if not the worst, of evils. It is not merely evil. It is a sign of dictatorial tendencies in the Trump personality that make his continued tenure a risk to all Americans.

Skeptics or profiteers?

The epa wants to reflect the views of President Trump and Administrator Scott Pruitt These views are reflective of the most retrograde elements of the world's business community, those whose fortunes are tied to oil and automobiles.

These are the backbone of support for the GOP and they are now engaged in the nefarious process of turning the entire GOP into a community of climate change skeptics.

Dictatorial behavior

There have already been large demonstrations to protest this dictatorial attitude but it will clearly take more than demonstrations.

The only solution lies in the hopeful capacity of democracy to result in free and fair elections in which disclosure of this conduct will convince a clear majority to vote out the supporters of this insult to inquiry.

Unfortunately, there are signs that the Democrats may not be up to the challenge. There is friction around personalities and a general discontent with a lack of progressive leadership.

Whoever does emerge must have the courage to go with the evidence around climate change. It is not something that millions will accept because of the know-nothing policies of the Trump administration. This dictatorial response to truth is unlikely to be credited until a case is assembled that would in any rational environment lead to impeachment.