Ethics consists of reducing harm through actions that are tolerant, helpful and democratic. Most of Trump's actions during his first 100 Days were harmful. I have selected those I feel did the most harm and submit them as reasons why Mr. Trump should be encouraged to leave Office. I have used the extensive account of the New York Times as my source for the items noted.

Economic harm

Reducing business tax rates to15 percent will be a huge break for the biggest corporations and with added relaxations in regulations, make them ever less responsible to the public.

Harm now prevalent will be compounded including a risk of collapse. Reviving Keystone is harmful. Trump's slashing of Obama rules enables bad investment advice.

Health endangerment

An executive order sought to eviscerate the Affordable Care Act and Trump's Trumpcare bill would endanger at least 24 million, denying insurance coverage. By continuing on this course, the pattern of harm becomes clear. There will be inevitable cost increases to those in most need. This is a clear denial of help and an example of exclusion, among the worst forms of harm.

Desecrating the environment

Trump obliterated Obama's Clean Power Plan and opened the door to the re-pollution of our waters. He has removed protection from damage due to offshore drilling and other oil-related ravages.

He now permits coal to dump waste into streams.

Immigration terrorizing

Trump has increased the fearsome policies of ICE under Obama. His immigration orders are aimed at six mainly Muslim countries, religious persecution. He has insisted on a costly and symbolically disastrous Wall. He has expanded enforcement and is trying to bully local police into acting as immigration agents.

This is police state stuff. It is the essence of harmful.

Foreign actions

Trump seems more in his element dealing with governments who share his own disregard for democratic norms. His tougher-than-Obama stance may or may not prove more or less harmful than palpably harmful actions of his predecessor.

Courts, social matters

The Gorsuch confirmation was definitely a harmful process.

Gorsuch himself may turn out to be a toxic force owing to his affinity with persons who themselves are anxious to achieve harmful ends. Trump has signaled one such end by his consistent efforts to limit the good work of Planned Parenthood.

Rest of the picture

Trump clearly veers to illegality in his allegiance to putting his family at his service and making his businesses serve him while he holds high office. His reticence to even honor a request for his tax returns is probably in itself an impeachable offense and does great harm to the notion of an American presidency.