Kim Kardashian is tapping into summer, offering pre-orders of her latest Kardashian money-maker: a pool flotation device modeled after her famous butt. The new item as of Tuesday is available on Kim's merch site along with all the other Kim K. items and is priced at only...$98 plus a $10 shipping fee. The site is now taking pre-orders and Kardashian fans will have their unique Kim butt float in early June just in time to hit the pool or beach of your choice.

Kim Kardashian puts her famous butt to work for you this summer

Just when you thought you may have seen everything when it comes to the Kardashian/Jenner family they surprise us once again.

This new Kardashian merch may be coming out at just the right time with news of the Kardashian/Jenner E! Reality Series "Keeping Up with the Kardashians views tanking to all-time lows, it may be time for the family to get their ducks in a row.

Kardashian reality series views continue to tank

It has been speculated that the end of the Kardashian family reality series is creeping up slowly. Could reality television viewers finally be getting tired of the same old drama once and for all? Kim's always crying, Khloe is always hiding new relationships, Kourtney is on and off with Scott, and the same goes for Kylie and Tyga. It just seems as if it's constant rinse and repeat in Kardashian land.

However, there have been some whispers that Kourtney's odd relationship with teen idol Justin Bieber could bring some new light to the series, that is if Justin agrees to jump on board the reality television train.

And maybe Khloe's newfound love with NBA champion and Cleveland Cavalier Tristan Thompson coud spark one more season before fans grow tired of these relationships.

Mama and manager Kris Jenner had better hope she comes up with some new, fresh, and interesting ideas in a hurry or it may be bye-bye for their reality series. Perhaps some relaxing days spent out by the pool on daughter Kim Kardashian's butt float will be just the inspiration she needs.