While the GOP-led Congress and former President Obama were duking it out, former President Bill Clinton gave some "advice" to Republicans: don't be the party of "no." In other words, the GOP can't just oppose everything Obama wanted, they would have to learn compromise with him.

Judging by how Democrats are currently conducting themselves with the Obamacare repeal and the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, we all know now the words from President Clinton were nothing more than political partisanship.

Agreement on healthcare?

Of course, the democrats were going to oppose Trump with anything he wanted to do.

They were preparing to combat him before he was in charge. The GOP did the same thing to Obama. It's not something that's limited to any party; it's just politics.

Liberals blamed Republicans for the fact that Obama couldn't get anything done after the "Great Shellacking" of 2010. Now, even after Paul Ryan essentially gave them a reformed healthcare bill that was just a lighter version of the bill they passed in 2010, not a single one of them voted in favor of it.

That action confounds the mind. The original bill is still mostly intact; it still gives Americans little choice when getting health insurance. Premiums would still go up. It's still taking care of the least among us while being a burden on a larger share of the population.

Yet, Democrats refused to budge.

Not that this bill wasn't something they couldn't support. Just simply because this bill was one proposed by Paul Ryan and supported by President Trump. Senator Chuck Schumer, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and even former Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton all cheered when this light version of the bill they originally supported went down thanks to the Freedom Caucus.

Honestly, why would no Democrats vote in favor of the House GOP bill other than just simply to oppose Trump and his party?

Working with the Democrats?

More recently, House Speaker Paul Ryan said he was worried President Trump would work with the Democrats on another healthcare proposal, another action that confounds the mind.

If Democrats couldn't get behind the bill Ryan introduced, what makes Trump think they would get behind anything he proposes?

And if he were to cut them a deal they would actually accept, let's remember the Republicans are still in charge of the House and the Senate. They'd probably shoot down anything Chuck Schumer and the Democrats wanted. The best thing, of course, would be for Trump and Ryan to come up with a bill all Republicans could get behind, since they can't pass legislation without a lot of GOP votes.

No justice?

Now we have this issue about when the American people can go back to having a functioning Supreme Court. Since the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, the High Court has essentially been split on nearly every decision it has made.

We need a tie-breaker, or the country will continue in legal limbo and lower courts will continue to make their own decisions that will affect the country. The system of checks and balances will be weakened, and judicial madness will ensue.

Well, what does Chuck Schumer have to say about it? On Sunday, he made an appearance on NBC's "Meet the Press" to say that Gorsuch won't be nominated. Schumer said the Democrats would probably work with the Republicans the two parties could "come up with a mainstream nominee."

Mainstream....like Justices Kagan or Sotomayor? Let's be honest: the filibuster the Democrats tried earlier this week was more partisanship just like the healthcare fiasco.

Let's all get along.

It will do President Trump no good to compromise with Democrats on anything. They set out to oppose everything he wanted before his nomination. They will cause more and more headaches for him after coming midterms when they start gaining power all over again. After all, just look at how Barack Obama got along with the Republicans in Congress.