We as Americans live a very comfy lifestyle for the most part. Generally speaking, we have good homes and a safe place to sleep. Most of us have running water and a warm bed. We are not surrounded by war and bombings. In many parts of the world this is not the case.

Many Americans oppose the Syrian refugees programs.

Many people do not want anyone from predominately Muslim countries to enter ours. Many try to use the argument of terrorism. The fear of terrorism goes all the way to the top of the ladder. Our current President campaigned using this fear as a propeller to further his own agenda.

He prayed on the fears of these isolated attacks and has essentially assigned the label of "terrorist" to anyone who practices Islam.

This is not okay!

Many people suffer from these adjectives being used interchangeably. In places where war is going on around you every single day, people are making the attempt to flee. They want to flee from the bombings and the killings that hit so close to home. They are making an effort to save their families and children. They try to flee and some countries accept them with open arms. Others, like America, they meet with great opposition from the citizens.

What is the biggest opposition to entering refugees?

The biggest opposition to entering refugees is the now inactive executive order which bans them from entering the country.

President Trump claimed that this was not a "Muslim ban" although throughout his entire campaign and even in more recent interviews has called it as such.

Here is my take.

I am aware that some of the people entering the country may be using a horrible situation to sneak past the vetting processes. However, that is what the vetting process is for.

It is to ask questions to people and run background checks to make sure that they have no ill-will towards the United States. I watch the news and see videos and pictures of children who have been killed or worse, survived to remember the killing of their families, and I can only think of my own children. When I saw the videos of the children who were victims of the nerve gas attack, I cried.

To see a child unable to breath and jerking because they cannot control their body, knowing how much this child is suffering, the mother in me wants to jump on a plane and run to them. I want to welcome them into my home with open arms and a heart full of love.

We are all of the human race. A person should not be welcomed or turned away by their religion. America is called the "melting pot" and we should do our best to live up to this name. Refugees should not be feared but welcomed. If the shoe was on the other foot that is what we would want.