Former Fox news Chairman #Roger Ailes was dumped by the company last year after it was found that he had been practicing in the time honored craft of in-company sexual harassment, just like Bill O'Reilly has. He has always been close to Rupert Murdoch, the owner of the company, even though they have had their ups and downs.

An investigation starts at the company

An internal investigation at the company established that #sexual harassment had indeed taken place, and that women feared making complaints to executive above them or to HR in case their careers would be effected.

Six settlements were reached with women, former employees, who accused Roger Ailes of sexual harassment.

One wonders what sort of work environment can influence people to make such stark choices. Meanwhile, Roger Ailes, who refuses to admit he engaged in sexual advances, ,was given a spritely #$40 million when he was shown the door. Sounds like harassment can make some men in the world a bit of extra cash, since they don't pay for their sins.