Former presidents Bush, Obama, Bush number 2, Clinton, and Carter all command respect. Even those who did not vote for them will exhibit some form of honor for the position they once held. Donald Trump, the 45th U.S. Commander-in-Chief is not in the same league as his predecessors. The Donald is eliciting cries of "Not my president," "Treason," and "Impeach," from increasing numbers of U.S. citizens. He is also drawing the ire of world leaders. This is dangerous for the American people.

How The Donald ended up in the Oval Office

Donald Trump won the electoral college votes for a number of reasons.

Here are some of the theories that have been voiced. There were Americans who did not desire to see another Clinton in the White House. Others felt a vote for Hillary meant 4 more years of Obama-era decisions. A number of Americans were tired of the status quo, and believed a non-politician would clean house, and set things in order.

There was a segment of the population who could not handle that a "black" man occupied the "White House" for 8 years. There also are people in this nation who did not like Obama's views on LBGTQ issues, and the fact that he legalized same sex marriage. Some Americans did not vote for Hillary Clinton, because they did not want a woman for president. These individuals believed that a conservative white male, who was not a career politician, was just what the nation needed.

These U.S. citizens wanted to see a white male occupy the Oval Office once more, and of course, there were Americans who believed in the issues Donald Trump stood for. They agreed with his views on immigration, abortion, and building a wall along the Mexican border. None of these individuals could see the forest for the trees.

Why Donald Trump was never qualified

There is an old saying, that if you do not understand the purpose of something, you will abuse it. Donald Trump is a businessman, who understands power plays, and acquisitions. He was a reality TV personality, who was able to say to people, "You're fired." Former presidents of the United States such as Clinton, Obama, Bush, Carter, and Bush 2, had political experience.

They were skilled in diplomacy and policy, and had an understanding of the way things worked within the government. These men had different views, but were team players and could be bipartisan when necessary.

Donald Trump came into the White House fueled by those whose fires he stoked through code words related to racism, anti-Semitism, religious intolerance, and sexism. He had no prior training in how to be presidential, so he is who he is. President Trump rants on Twitter, bad-mouthing other world leaders, and lying about his predecessor. Based on polls, many of those who voted for him do not agree with his style now that he occupies the Oval Office. A few are still loyal, however.

Now we have a man running the nation who gets angry on a whim, and goes off on Twitter tirades.

He is being opposed by many of those in his party, but is not backing down. This man has the power to bring world peace, but instead is choosing to inflame issues with other nations, and possibly start a world war. This may cause the U.S. to lose allies, and be open to attack from our enemies. In addition, many experts are now weighing in, saying that President Trump is displaying signs of mental illness. This is why it is dangerous for him to remain in office. Yes the election is over, but perhaps for the sake of the nation, impeachment proceedings should now begin.