President Donald Trump does not seem to be able to help himself. He cannot stay off of Twitter, and he is unable to stop the hateful Bully Pulpit tweets. Many Americans have expressed their desire to see someone take away the president's Twitter account because of misuse. The president has now drawn the ire of North Korea because of his threatening tweets.

North Korea responds

On Thursday, it was reported that the vice foreign minister of North Korea tweeted that president Trump was making trouble with his aggressive tweets. This was in response to a tweet from Trump where he accused North Korea of being a menace and looking for trouble.

President Trump is behaving like a teenager and not the leader of the free world. His behavior is reckless. His inability to refrain from tweeting and sending veiled threats to world leaders should be cause for alarm. Donald Trump's aggression could cause this nation to be attacked by those foreign governments that he is alienating.

President Trump needs lessons in being presidential

President Trump needs someone to step in fast before he single-handedly causes WWIII. This man truly must have lessons in diplomacy, and how to be more presidential. Its understood that he became a billionaire with his ruthless, take no prisoners boardroom tactics, but he is no longer in the boardroom. Neither is he on "The Apprentice." A president cannot simply dismiss everyone who does not agree with him, and certainly should not be threatening foreign powers on Twitter.

Surely by now even his most ardent supporters can see that he needs serious help.

North Korea is allegedly housing weapons of mass destruction. The president should be conducting himself in a manner that will not provoke that nation to strike our country with missiles. Lessening the role of Steve Bannon, and obtaining counsel from Jared and Ivanka is not going to make the necessary difference.

Donald Trump needs to be consulting seasoned White House veterans, and former Commanders-in-Chief with experience in diplomacy.

Fox News reported earlier today that North Korea had a parade where they rolled out their missiles and other weapons. These folk mean serious business, and are focused on their evil agenda. The president of the free world is all over the place.

He blames everyone for everything and never takes personal responsibility, all the while playing on Twitter. President Donald Trump needs to get his head out of cyber space and pay attention to the real world.