Matt Wade is the man behind My Silent Bravery. He is a promising pop/rock musician with a few hit songs already under his belt. His artistry symbolizes persistence, perseverance, and inner strength to live victoriously.

This same triumphant character helped him overcome a sports injury during his youth, which led him to ignite passion for music. Furthermore, his sports injury awakened a sense of spirituality inside him, allowing him to realize there's much more to life than his circumstances.


Recovering from this injury sparked an inner transformation that has inspired him to help others through his music, which is saturated with positive messages.

His latest album Breakthrough is a shining example. It was released on September 28th, 2016. An awesome selection of producers helped craft the album.

My Silent Bravery has already released the album's first two singles: "Drunk Off the Sun" and "Warning Signs." The first song was released late spring, and it sounds carefree and full of life. I appreciate the imaginative, fun nature of the lyrics. It's definitely a song fit for the summer time, to let loose on the beach or at parties with.

The second song was released late summer. It's a song about learning to approach romance with a more cautious mindset, fueled by disappointment. Through this song, Wade shows his more introspective side.

Wade has received award nominations and other accolades for these well-received songs.

Behind the scenes of Face to Face

My Silent Bravery is known for perfecting acoustic sounds and stirring light-hearted, nostalgic feelings in the hearts of his fans. His acoustic single "Face To Face" is one exceptional example. He takes listeners on a journey of heartbreak as well as a longing for reconciliation.

The lyrics tell a story of a romantically hopeless guy trying to reignite the love and passion he had with a special lady.

It's a good song to recover from relationship problems with.

His vocals are tuneful and consistent. Hearing him sing on this track brings to mind the lead singer of Nickelback, Chad Kroeger. He sounds like a less rugged, higher-pitched version of him. It gives this pop/rock song a refreshingly country rock spin in a sense.

The instrumentals are bright and rhythmic.

The acoustic melodies of the guitar playing bring out the (soft) rock, while the accompanying beats and drums bring out the pop. It's an interesting combination that makes for feel-good music.

Overall, I give this single and the album a 10 out of 10 rating. Wade has convinced me that he is serious about his craft, and he wants to make a positive difference in the world. Good for him! Check out the video for the single below: