Donald Trump has delivered a body blow to Android, He just got a brand new iPhone. He won't be delivering any tell-tale Android signs anymore so you won't be sure he is doing the tweeting.until another sign emerges. This intelligence is from Axios whose curatorial capacities rival those of the legendary 3 Quarks. Also in the Axios list of notable stories coming this week is a detail on the sad fate of climate change under the Trump dispensation.

Climate change on the block

In addition to last week's devastating rollback of Obama's minimal efforts to avoid the dangers of climate change, the Orwellian forces within the Department of Energy have insisted that its official communications be purged of the unacceptable words "climate change." In a world not moving at warp speed this offensive act would gain some attention.

As it is, it's just one more offense in a dumbing-down process being fomented by the leader of what used to be called the free world. I guess people are more concerned about Trump's promise to bring back coal and go to the mat for fossil fuels.

Emerging matters

Trump apparently gives to the House Freedom Caucus, which railroaded his health plan to doom, the same love that he lavishes on far left Democrats. In an act of appropriate vengeance, he has warned Representative Mark Sanford that he will be primaried in the 2019 elections. This assumes that Mr. Trump will still be around then. To the revelations of Axios may be added notions concerning presidential Alzheimer's and speculation that he is out of sorts regarding the seemingly endless decline in his performance ratings.

A blank on Flynn

Now that Michael Flynn has been royally rebuffed in his effort to swing an immunity deal with the Capitol Hill investigative units, no one knows where that story is heading.

Since we cannot enter Flynn's head, all we can do is surmise that because admitted guilt is present and Trump badly wanted immunity that the two may well be in cahoots. If this is so the fondest dreams of the anti-Trump forces are getting somewhat nightmarish.