The attorney for Michael Flynn, Robert Kelner, deals mainly with personal injury in New York City. Last November he issued a prophetic tweet on behalf of his client. It read: "A prediction: Donald Trump will make a novel and unusual use of the President's pardon power. An under-utilized tool of political power." At the same time, Donald Trump is tweeting away about anything that might prove the Russia thing is a fabrication of US Intelligence agencies.

The conundrum game

Sorting out what is going on is not that difficult. Trump is either guilty as sin or not guilty by the skin of his teeth.

Either way, it is to his advantage to deflect anything that might link him to information that could lead to his impeachment for covering up a crime. It is also within Trump's playbook regardless of the truth to fight as hard as he can to a conclusion that will be to his benefit. That is normal.

The Flynn problem

Flynn may now be a problem for Trump. Had he easily obtained immunity Trump might have been home free. Since no one is presently buying whatever Flynn's story is, Trump may be nervous. Flynn might have to spill more than he was willing to do when he thought he could win immunity. Or else the president is upset that a ploy he thought might work obviously did not. He knows now that the Senate does not love him.

Whatever the reason Flynn is more a problem today than he was yesterday.

Curious news

Twitter's Moments page made a big deal of this older tweet (below) from Flynn's lawyer. Its purpose is most curious. It has the appearance either of ham-handedness or of impunity. If it is impunity, Robert Kelner may be in the inner circle of Trump.

Kelner is said to be an anti-Putin expert on Russia. If it is not impunity, is not helping Michael Flynn. The last thing Trump needs is a charge that he pardoned the man who could hang him.

Then Donald

You know that a Trump tweet will be news even if what it points to is a simple repetition of Trump's familiar litany about the perfidy of intelligence agencies trying to harm him. There can be no doubt that he has enemies aplenty in a government that he has skewered unmercifully. But the questions about Russia remain and as long as they do the investigation will continue.