Melania Trump is used to being in the spotlight. She is a former model, and is accustomed to cameras and bright lights. What she may not be prepared for, however, is living her life on Capitol Hill. It has been stated that Melania and Baron Trump will be moving to Pennsylvania Ave. in June. The president's wife certainly will have the finances, security, and staff necessary for the transition. Will she have the emotional stamina to endure the scrutiny that come with being the spouse of the president?

Former first ladies were more prepared

The predecessors of Melania Trump were already politicians' wives.

They had prior experience being in the political arena. Their husbands had been senators, congressmen, and governor prior to ascending to the top honor on Capitol Hill. For this reason they were more prepared. Add to this the climate that president Trump set with his vicious campaign rhetoric, along with his Twitter rants, attacks on other world leaders, and unfounded claims against Barack Obama. No other first lady in American history has had to deal with so much coming in to the White House.

Obstacles that could deter staying power

Unfortunately for Mrs. Trump, she did not sign up for this position, but she is now in it. There are obstacles in her way that will make it harder for her than prior president's wives.

Previous first ladies all exhibited grace while under fire from the public. Will Melania be able to handle the pressure, or will she cave under the issues?

While residing at Pennsylvania Ave., Nancy Reagan was criticized because she had psychic (Jean Dixon) advising her. Barbara Bush was made fun of because some felt her appearance was not classy enough, and said she looked much older than her husband.

Laura Bush was considered too reserved, while many believed Hillary Clinton had too much influence over her husband Bill. Michelle Obama was called an ape and a gorilla, and was scrutinized because she was the first woman of color to become a first lady. All these women conducted themselves well, in spite of the criticism that came their way.

Melania hails from another country, and has not yet mastered the English language. This could deter her efforts in public appearances where she is required to speak. There is a possibility that because of the climate her husband has set, that when she has an engagement, there will be protesters and hecklers. People who cannot get close to the president may take out their aggression on his wife.

Our current first lady is used to environments where she is pampered, and appreciated for her beauty. Let's hope she can adjust, and settle into her new role. Most of all, Melania needs staying power to endure this 4 year journey, should her husband remain in office. Only time will tell if she does. One thing is certain, Pennsylvania Ave. is no Trump Tower, and will not offer the same atmosphere as a photo shoot. Melania will most certainly be exposed to things that she was sheltered from while living in her gilded cage.