This is not the first report of public officials lacking the professionalism to handle their jobs within the capacity of a diverse public—not in Kentucky at least. Instead of Kim Davis refusing to sign Same-sex marriage licenses in 2015, reporting now indicates that Louisville, Kentucky Judge W. Mitchell Nance has recused himself from adoption cases—specifically same-sex parents adopting children from foster care.

The judge’s conflict of interest and severe internal bias has him benched at this time. He referred to same-sex adoption cases as “homosexual parties” that should never be allowed to adopt because the "child’s best interest is at stake." Supposedly, Nance disqualified himself after citing a judicial ethics rule about personal bias and prejudice.

Bigotry and public servants

Judge Nance cannot be reached for further comment but he did reach out to lawyers in the area and request that they start denying same-sex couples access to begin cases for adoption; but, lawyers say he will have to disqualify himself from any litigation involving gay people: divorces involving a spouse coming out of the closet or anything else that may incite internal biases.

One Louisville lawyer responded by saying: “It's obviously better that the judge recuse himself from these cases rather than potentially wreck the lives of children who desperately need loving, adoptive parents.” The lawyer also stated that the judge’s stance has the ability to cause reckless assumptions about the stability of same-sex adoptive couples and may hinder children in need from being adopted by good people.

Lawyers also say that Judge Nance is highly religious and opposed to divorce, which align with his rigid Christian beliefs. Also, attorneys say he asked divorce litigants in the past where they go to church and whether they are a true believer.

Same-sex adoption and the U.S.’ staggering number of children in foster care

Reportedly, Judge W.

Mitchell Nance, begins court each day by requiring everyone to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance. This requirement is also present in most public schools in the United States. Roughly 42% of Americans do not identify as Christian.

With all of the Christians, and those that take the time to organize protests and picket outside of places like Planned Parenthood, there are hundreds of thousands of children that are unwanted and remain in foster care every year.

Children’s Rights organization reports that “On any given day, there are nearly 428,000 children in foster care in the United States. In 2015, over 670,000 children spent time in U.S. foster care.”

Judicial transgressions do happen; but, they rarely get discovered. reports that only about 10% of cases are actually investigated. With judges like Judge Nance presiding, judicial rulings and results can cost people their homes, businesses, child custody, and most importantly health and freedom.