There is no more happening man of smarts and action than Elon Musk. Musk has given cars a new lease on life. He has pierced the skies in ways that defy the notion that only governments can do big things. And, less recognized than these mighty Tesla and SpaceX achievements, Musk has created Hyperloop. This remarkable open-source company is presently creating models of future transportation via ground-level tubes at jet speeds for the cost of riding a bus.

Musk buzz

It seems everything Musk does, creates a buzz. Elon is not as big as Trump but the scale of response to his tweets is very similar to the President's.

Musk is headed toward 8 million Twitter followers. That's about where Trump was when he announced his candidacy in 2015. In today's social media environment, these measurements count. Elon is up with the rock stars.

3 Musk problems

I see three problems in Musk's business world. First, cars should not be the future, no matter how clean they run or whether they have human drivers or not. Second, space travel seems to be the oligarchic flavor of the century. The Lord's Prayer tells us we are to make earth heavenly. Turning big bucks to space travel is sexy, but leaving the world behind is no credit to any of us. Finally, Hyperloop will, I hope, become the future of transportation. But let's forget about jet speeds.

Our speed fetish is among our worst idolatries. Does anyone stop to consider that here in Manhattan speed would be 25 to 40 miles an hour if there were no delays?

Hyperloop made human

The problem with Elon Musk would be resolved by his opening his mind to the original and world-changing concept which I call cybercommunities.

Cybercommunities are car-free. The current proceeds from oil and cars will be multiplied by the universal business of building and selling the modular elements required by these new communities.

Building the world that works for all

Cybercommunities are a smart way to a more diverse and economically integrated world. Elon Musk, Bill Gates and many others know that in a future of near-total automation, work becomes a privilege rather than a necessity.

People traveling on ocean liners or visiting Capri do very well without cars. There is no reason cybercommunities could not be schools. residences, work, commerce, and recreation all rolled into one. Future articles will spell this all out.