Donald Trump is a man who plays to the gallery. When faced with the uncomfortable news that the father of the slain SEAL refused to meet him, the president said that part of the blame for the death of the SEAL should be pinned on Obama. He went on to say that he was just presented the plan and his generals had recommended it. In the interview, he said the raid was planned during the Obama period and he only approved a plan that was already in existence.

Donald's defense

He has stated, "This was a mission that was started before I got here." He stated this in an interview with "Fox and Friends" that was broadcast on Tuesday.

He further added, "This was something they wanted to do. They came to see me, they told me what they wanted to do, generals who are very respected, and we lost Ryan." This was a tacit admission that he was only partly responsible and the main responsibility was with Obama and the generals.

Donald certainly has a point. He was given a plan that had been studied in detail earlier and his 3 generals backed it. In such circumstances, one cannot pin the entire blame on Donald. Could he have vetoed the raid at that time? Probably, yes, but not approving what was presented as a foolproof raid would have boomeranged against him. Also, there is the fact that there is risk involved in any mission, regardless of whose plan it was or who approved it.

SEAL's father

The father of the SEAL is jusifiably hurt as the final go ahead was given by Trump. He has asked for an inquiry. The army is conducting an inquiry, but the father wants an all-encompassing inquiry that must cover the political aspect as well. He has said that there were no boots on the ground in Yemen for the last 2 years, and thus, has essentially asked what the point was to have a mission there now.


Donald will do well to keep his head on his shoulders. Military generals have never been a success by and large in the field of politics. He will need to be circumspect about ordering raids. We must remember that these same generals have been unable to win the war in Afghanistan.