Since Tesla introduced 8.0 version of its Autopilot system last summer, Elon Musk, Chief Executive Officer of the company, has publicized this new life-saving product for car drivers. Yesterday, a video from the Netherlands showed just how powerful the new safety feature can be. CEO of Tesla has insisted the company’s software would be more secure than human drivers, sharply lowering the more than 1.25 million road accident victims each year.

Tesla: a video on Twitter shows the reflexes of the autopilot

Today, Musk has retweeted a video posted on Twitter by Hans Noordsij, a Tesla Model S owner from the Netherlands.

In this dashcam video, a Tesla detected a collision several cars ahead seconds before it was visible. The driver is near Eindhoven, on the highway A2. The vehicle’s collision avoidance system brakes just before two cars collide. Noordsij explained that the car started to brake before the driver had time to react.

After several incidents version 8.0 of the Tesla system seems to work

This year, at least two fatal car crashes have involved Tesla Autopilot: one in Florida last May, where the driver of a Tesla Model S was killed when the system didn't see a tractor with trailer crossing in front of it.

Another crash in China last September where a Tesla Model S crashed on a road sweeper, killing the driver. There was another fatal crash involving Tesla in November, but the car maker stated that it didn't believe Autopilot was a cause. The new version of the Autopilot uses radar detection in concert with visual sensors. Musk stated in September 2016 that the software update enabled Teslas to “see” through vehicles traveling immediately in front of them.

Tesla's software uses a location-tagged database that lets cars drive safely while braking slowly if anomalous objects appear. Once the system determines there is a high possibility of collision, it fully brakes the car. This has happened in Netherlands, as shows video posted by Hans Noordsij. Tesla has yet to confirm the footage to media outlets, however, Elon Musk must be pretty pleased with the Autopilot and video sharing on various social.