The Washington Post carried an article about the trump administration's proposals to cut the budget for the "climate science agency." According to their article, among the budget cut proposals, "The biggest single cut proposed by the passback document comes from NOAA satellite division, known as the National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service."

NOAA budget cuts and the cost

Peter Gleick is a scientist involved with climate, water, and sustainability. His Twitter handle describes him as a member of the US National Academy of Science; a MacArthur Fellow and President-Emeritus/Chief Scientist of the Pacific Institute.

This means he knows a lot about climate, environment and the weather. Peter pointed out in his tweet about the Washington Post article that, "this is where our Weather Warnings come from." He also made mention that this comes at the cost of four F35's fighter planes.

Weather is not alone in budget proposals by Trump administration

The Trump proposed NOAA satellite budget cut is just one of many. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will have a host of other cuts if this proposed budget cut goes through. If these budget cuts do pass then smaller agencies will be greatly disadvantaged and some may disappear altogether. Estuary reserves, coastal management, and resilience which "seeks to bolster the ability of coastal areas to withstand major storms and rising seas," could lose funding altogether.

Trump does not 'believe' in climate change

It is well known that Donald Trump does not "believe" in climate change and he is determined to cut funding in the environmental arena and increase the spending on the military and military hardware. It is becoming apparent that the nation of America is very possibly going to prepare for war which is destructive and at the same time destroy the baby steps that have been taken in recognizing that we have only one planet and we had better start looking after it.

America might very well be made 'great again' in terms of employment and long-term cash reserves. War is a huge income booster if you happen to be in arms manufacturing and if you are in a position to supply the warring factions with food and fuel. Lots of people will get rich off a war-ready USA and the environment will ultimately pay for it all. Counting the cost of war readiness? Our fragile planet is in peril.