President trump offered no apology to the British for adding yet another unproven accusation to his ongoing birther-type charge that Barack Obama tapped his phone. He has not apologized to the former president and he refuses to back away from his version of events even though bipartisan sentiment has been expressed by both the House and Senate intelligence committees. Thus far there is not a shred of proof to back up the Trump charge. Based on past performance, the president will continue to deny this falsehood until it becomes necessary to admit that he did, in fact, play with the truth.

This is what happened when, under pressure, he backed away from his birther lie.

Spicer follows suit

In a near copy of President Trump, Sean Spicer refused to offer any apology to the British for his unproven statement that British intelligence assisted in the alleged Obama tapping. “He didn’t apologize, no way, no how,” a West Wing colleague of Spicer told the New York Times. Spicer said he was simply quoting something he heard on FOX News. The wall of denial at the White House is unprecedented. Even during Watergate, it was the coverup and not the act that resulted in Nixon's resignation. In this case, there are successive White House actions that stand openly as offensive and untrue.

Whether they are an effort to move away from Trump's history with Russia remains to be seen

A calm day is calm no more

Today started out calmly. Trump's budget led the news. Observers figured wiser heads would keep Trump's most draconian proposals from happening. Then came Mr. Tillerson waving a saber at North Korea. Then quickly came the angry British.

There ensued the war of words with Spicer. By day's end, there was little hope Trump would back off.

Trump soldiers on

Trump seems genuinely oblivious to stories that question his temperament. In a nation that still remembers Churchill and FDR, we are witnessing an international incident about what? A tantrum aimed at Obama. Supporters justify and critics react. Some say President Trump is a cannon too loose to be left with the nuclear codes. Others delight in any act that roils the established order.