The most breaking news in the world is not that The New York Times barks up the wrong tree when it nips at trump's heels. It is not even that Trump keeps the world flummoxed with a continual flow of go-ahead-and-impeach-me taunts. It is the reality that underlies the whole kahuna. That reality is the coming end of oil and the utter collapse of an economy based on endless growth. Why is this news unreported? For the same reason that whoever profited from horses kept their mouths shut when Henry Ford was about to launch the automobile age. Why make it easy?

Today's New York Times put-down of Trump is a classic example of how this works.

Knock, knock

The Times editorial is titled 'President Trump's wheezing job effort'. It is all about Trump's outlandish promises of great job growth in the exact center of the area where the car business is doomed at some point to roll over and be seriously dead.

"On and on he went, talking doomsday nonsense" the Times opined. Now, why would an intelligent person do that? Because Trump knows at some level that he is involved in a charade. It is the same charade that The New York Times is involved in. It is the same charade that anyone who believes the present way of living can last is involved in. We are playing a game, delaying the end.

Who's on first?

The answer is that no one wants to blow the whistle and call time. It's too cataclysmic. So what happens? You have an Elon Musk who knows the truth but knows that none of the big oil and car people want to acknowledge it and fold up shop. So he outstrips them on cars and at the same time develops hyperloop notions to suggest a way ahead after cars are not clogging up the world and killing children anymore.

We are in Abbott and Costello territory and the way forward is the American way of obfuscation and never admitting what everyone knows.

Times temerity

The Times has the temerity to say that Trump does not have a clear destination.

Neither does the Times. The Times buys into the notion of endless growth. The Times accepts the already grossly inflated economy in which millions now are simply what six figures were a few years ago. No one complains because some are profiting, including GOP-entitled oligarchs who know better than anyone what the score is.