One of the reasons for Donald Trump is the nation's need for a deep purging of whatever it is that has ailed us. The unfolding news of the moment has mainly to do with Trump's failings, but if you go to the Trump side and even beyond Trump's own fatuous chatter, you will come upon the confusion that gives rise to the frustration that issues in the false binary of our politics -- the issue is not Trump or sanity.

A deeper reason

Something was wrong with the way things are which is why Trump is here. The issue is what is the zeitgeist -- the underlying idea -- that has created the unease that would allow us to elect a Donald Trump?

There is an answer to this.

The clue to the answer lies exactly in the middle of the current intelligence fracas. After World War 2 our zeitgeist was gradually written in stone and today it rules us with unmerciful temerity. Like anything that is really underneath everything else, it is both self-evident and largely invisible. One way to describe it is binary thinking. After World War 2 we divided the world into two entities and everything else fell into place. We live in the exact same world that the Dulles Brothers created when the Cold War became the context of everything.

False binary

But to speak of division into two as the underlying problem is not a satisfactory conclusion. The binary division was unequal from the git-go.

On one side there was the drab world of the unfree, the Commies, the Russkies and then the Chinese, and then Islam. On the other side were the free, the great, the celebrated, the USA. So what was underneath all this and so powerful and dominating that it created the incredible strain that led us to choose Donald Trump to lead us wherever we are going?

A sacred basis

It was the sacred basis of what could not be touched, disturbed or questioned. It was the primacy of the car, of oil, of what transcended the binary and dominated the world for real. This was the reason for everything else.

This was the great unresolved mystery. Shall we call it breaking news? That's what it is.

What is Trump doing but illuminating the reason why intelligence has been unreliable? The reason is it was following the dictates of the underlying reality, of the age of oil. Trump is inundating us with the prime movers of this world. It is like the need to bleed in order to heal.