The New York Jets had a very disappointing season, going 5-11 one year after finishing an impressive 10-6. Luckily, for their futility, the Jets and their fans were rewarded with the #6 overall pick in this years NFL draft. They may not have it for long, however. New York Jets General Manager Mike Maccagnan told reporters on Friday that the team was "open for business in every round" meaning the team was even willing to discuss their first round pick.

New York Jets potential targets

If the New York Jets are unable to find someone willing to trade for their sixth overall pick, a cornerback like Marshon Lattimore could be a potential target as a Darrelle Revis replacement, who was released this past week.

However, with several holes to fill as they strive to get younger, they will likely target a mid-first round pick and a second round pick to move down from #6. The Jets could then target a wide receiver to serve as a replacement for the recently released Brandon Marshall. Western Michigan's Corey Davis could be a potential target, as could Washington's John Ross. If the team wants Clemson's Mike Williams, they'll likely have to stay put at #6. I can't imagine the team will target a quarterback a year after drafting one in the second round, despite it being a major need.

New York Jets quarterback options

The New York Jets have signaled very clearly they are entering a rebuilding phase, but what that means for the quarterback position remains to be seen.

The Jets could try to get a longer look at Bryce Petty, or they could turn the keys over to Christian Hackenberg, who at this point looks nothing like an NFL-caliber quarterback. While they will likely draft a quarterback at some point during the draft, it's unlikely they will do so in one of the first three rounds. Veterans like Tony Romo aren't going to want to play there as the team goes younger, so it may be in the organization's best interests to see how Petty and Hackenberg do next season.

If they aren't sold on either, a free agent like Mike Glennon would be a worthwhile gamble, as would a trade for someone like AJ McCarron of the Cincinnati Bengals.

It should make for an interesting draft weekend for Jets fans, to say the least.