Where shall we start? How about the ban? Donald wrote the ban and he yelled about it all up and down the country. It was an unconstitutional idea then, It's still unconstitutional because it targets a particular religion. Such targeting is not in accord with what the Founding Fathers had in mind.

A judge in the northwest said no and shut down the trump order. Trump screamed. A judge in the east followed suit. More screams. Then a judge in Hawaii added fuel to the fire. Still more screams. The judge in Hawaii extended his block on Trump. You can generally be sure that there will be more screams when a Trump signature issue is shown to be absurd.

That's the point

On every signature issue he has addressed, Trump has failed. Repeal and replace Obamacare? How fresh is that defeat? It was only yesterday it seems. And it was pathetic because the effort was so lame. You do not pull a health bill out of a hat. You do not condemn 24 million Americans to vacate the insurance rolls. You do not propose things without asking how much they will cost.

Defeat from the illusion of victory

Axios tells us that even things Trump thought were victories are in fact defeats, at least from his perspective. Jobs are heading back to Mexico as if NAFTA was here to stay. Not only are the jobs not coming back, they are still disappearing. The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and the New York Times are all reporting a softening of the Trump assault on past trade agreements.

The renegotiation of NAFTA is said to be much milder than had been anticipated.

Plummeting approval

A 36 percent approval rating will do wonders for your sobriety. Trump does not drink but he has seemed to be on a high.

That high is descending at a sobering clip. There is even some thought that Trump himself is having second thoughts about his presidency and feeling the need for a restart. A wounded beast may lash out and little hope exists for a true sea change. But a comeuppance may be in progress. If it meant a shakeup and the entrance of some adults into the West Wing, that might be one of the few positive outcomes of Trump's first three months in office.