Why would anyone believe Julian Assange, Wikileaks’ founding father, when he claims that Russia had no involvement in hacks or leaks that have occurred? His integrity is about as admirable as his former hacking name, Mendax. According to Latin-English dictionaries, his alter-ego equates with lying (mendacious). Perfect. There is objective digital data directly tying WikiLeaks to Russia and a Russian hacker.

Using command prompt to ping WikiLeaks’ website, the result doesn’t require an interpreter. The IP (Internet Protocol) address is nested in Russia – – like Edward Snowden.

Also, using additional IP tracing tools, the outcome repeats: Russia hosts WikiLeaks with hacker Peter Chayanov at the helm.

WikiLeaks’ friends of a feather

Why take Assange at his word that there has been no Russian involvement in the hacks or leaks? It defies logic. The fact that he entrusts a Russian hacker to act as host for WikiLeaks, the administrative contact, and the technical contact conjures the saying, “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.” Hacker Chayanov and former hacker Assange (Mendax) facilitate a flock.

More likely than not, intelligence agencies made the Russian connection discovery long ago, which is why the intimation and speculation about Russian involvement by politicians and the subsequent questioning of Assange during media interviews about WikiLeaks.

From a cold path to a hot trail

The digital trail leading from WikiLeaks to Russia is gradually being illuminated by a limited number of people in blogs and brief discussions. By no means has Assange made it easy to follow the path; WikiLeaks is supported by multiple servers, a form of redundancy. But, more important, there is no doubt, Russia provides a supportive role and backbone for WikiLeaks to function.

Having a good grasp and understanding of how WikiLeaks is enabled to operate is another step toward demystifying its presence and the power Assange seemingly wields when he taunts the public with the promise of future leaks. He purports to be a proponent for transparency yet fails to follow the lofty demands he places on others, living up to the name Mendax. WikiLeaks’ tie to Russia is no more a mystery than is Assange an enigma. He is merely a conduit through which information passes.