Cybercommunities relate to every area of existence. We are creatures of the way our World is formed and designed. But no area of cybercommunities is more radically addressed than what we call education. Today education can be described as the means by which young human beings are brought into the system which determines the quality of their lives. That is a sad but accurate description of how things are.

The notion is that education is about values and truth or beauty is often ignored or discounted. Politically both Republicans and Democrats have seen education in terms of the advancement it does or does not provide.

What was once called liberal arts is almost a memory.

The world is flipping

To speak of change is a bit mild at a time when, largely unbeknownst to us, we are moving incrementally into a situation that rocks the world big time. We will see vast changes in work. We will reevaluate what it means to be compensated. And we will surely come to see that education has more to do with natural curiosity than hammering people into shape to pass muster in a corporate charade.

We will do what we want

On the lists we get of who is doing great in education we get Japan and Barbados up at the top. Barbados has a great literacy rate. Virtually all the education in the world is subsumed under the competition to excel in a few areas such as science and math.

Almost all indications of bias and prejudice in education indicate that basic injustices continue. Minorities are often casualties. What no one suggests is that things do not have to continue as they have. We can and will do what we want.

How cybercommunities will do education

Cybercommunities are based on a concept that places choice at the center of life.

Everything we do consciously is a choice. Freedom depends on there being choices. In cybercommunities, education need not be based on any social agendas. Cybercommunities are in effect schools by their very nature, The driver of education is curiosity. And the fruit of curiosity is the capacity to pursue anything you like at any age you like on your own schedule.

Yes, there are benchmarks, but these are the qualifications you need to meet to be this or that. The ways to get there, you decide. The means you select and the results you achieve are up to you. Clearly, there is much more to this.