Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has some sobering words for President Donald Trump. In an interview with Jim Defrost, on "Facing South Florida," Bush discussed his views of how the Trump presidency is going. He said that our Commander in Chief should "Stop saying things that aren't true." If something is not true it is a lie. So basically, Jeb Bush is calling President Donald Trump a liar.

A presidential family

Bush told Defrost that he believes the root of the problem is that Donald Trump has not become "presidential" in the manner that Americans are used to seeing.

He said, "The wiretapping, all this stuff is a distraction. I know it makes it harder for him to accomplish the things I know he wants to do."

Jeb Bush hails from a very "presidential" family of career politicians. Although the former governor of the Sunshine state lost his bid for the office of president, his father George H.W. Bush was Commander in Chief number 41, and his brother George W. Bush was POTUS number 43. George W. Bush and his father both conducted themselves with decorum, dignity, and grace. Neither one bad mouthed their predecessor once they were sworn in to office.

They now get along with and have attended public functions with former presidents Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and then-president Barack Obama.

President Trump is quite another story. None of these former presidents ever made unsubstantiated claims that were federal offenses against the previous president. These men probably never believed they would see the likes of Donald Trump in the White House.

The Trump difference

The difference with Donald Trump is, he was elected because he was different.

He believes his supporters like him as is, and he sees no reason to change. His method of operation in the Oval Office is the one he has used as a successful businessman. It is not working now that he is the Commander in Chief. Will President Trump be offended that Jeb Bush essentially called him a liar regarding the wiretapping of Trump Tower? Of course not. The Donald will use one of his standard answers. He will most likely say that Bush is jealous because he is president and Jeb is not.