On Thursday, many on Twitter wondered why they weren't seeing the failed Florida-#bombing story in the US media. The Florida Man, Mark Barnett, charged for trying to blow up a string of Target stores, is in jail awaiting trial, but nobody is using the terrorist word.

Whist the story did in fact appear in news sites across the country, the potential bomb threat wasn't given front page exposure on many media sites.Friday at 3pm, there was no mention of the bomb story on #Fox News's home page, although a search did find that the news outlet had written about it the day before.

Why the lack of coverage?

Which leads us to ask: What makes a #homegrown terrorist? Is it simply skin color? An oath to a set of beliefs? Or more?

On Friday morning these questions rebounded around #Twitter, as many users wanted to know why the story wasn't gaining more traction. A Twitter user called @shaw_lj wrote '@FoxNews oh look...latest bomb plot Foiled!! What? He doesn't look islamic?? Maybe that's why #Fox has failed to report the Target bomber!'