While the worldwide situation seems to worsen due to the conflicts that arise daily between states with different interests, Russia is prepared for any possible threat. After R-36M2 Voyevoda nicknamed by NATO forces SS-18 Satan, Russians intimidate again with an extremely powerful new creation.

Sarmat ICBM

The new intercontinental missile is expected to be more powerful than Satan I, some saying that it would be capable of destroying a territory larger than Texas or France. Being able to carry up to 12 nuclear warheads, Sarmat ICBM also known as Satan II would become the biggest and most powerful nuclear missile ever created.

According to experts, the speed of the rocket would be so high that defensive shields would have no chance against it. Also, Satan II would be invisible to any antiradar systems existing at the moment. Russia's effort will culminate with tests that will be conducted this summer. The missile will make suborbital flights up to the point where warheads are detached and capable of striking multiple targets.


This is not the first success of Russia in terms of nuclear weapons. After R-36M2 Voyevoda, Russians tested last autumn more intercontinental missiles, which were equipped with multiple-warhead RS-24. Those are the key element that enhance the efficiency of intercontinental ballistic attacks.

In November 2015, the Russian nuclear submarine "Tula" successfully carried out a test missile with a Sineva intercontinental missile. Scheduled to hit exactly as planned, the rocket was launched from the submerged submarine in the Barents Sea, aiming the Kura polygon located on the Kamchatka Peninsula. Sineva is a three-stage rocket with a range of 11,500 kilometers that can carry up to four nuclear warheads.

What's next

Although the information provided by the Russians about the new prototype's capabilities appears to be intended to intimidatethe U.S., it is clear that Satan II is a serious threat. The Russians have made their move. Now, what will be the next move for the U.S.?