Donald trump is first and foremost a businessman and a reality TV star. He held a commanding appearance on “The Apprentice” and never let anyone get in his way. He exudes an air of confidence when he enters a room. Possibly even a bit egotistical with a bit of swagger thrown in, but he always got the job done. How else would he have built such a massive empire?

Trump thrives on the 'I' mentality

There were many complaints that the POTUS spent too much time talking about himself and patting himself on the back in the news conference on Thursday. That is the very thing that Trump thrives on.

He didn’t build an empire by showing a lack of confidence and it appears that he is going to tackle the job of President of the US with the same mindset.

Trump admits that he loves being front and center. The Washington Post quoted him as saying, “"I'll be honest, because I sort of enjoy this back and forth that I guess I have all my life," The WP stated that he “bantered and cajoled” during what should have been a serious press conference. If anyone has followed Trump’s career, they will attest that this is the nature of the man that is now seated in the oval office.

Love of the limelight makes him happiest

Trump is the most content and thrives best in the limelight.

He is no longer under pressure to make speeches at a debate in hopes of winning the Presidency. He has already won, and done what millions said he couldn’t. He continues to carry out the executive orders that he promised on the campaign trail, and even though there is backlash from non-supporters, it doesn’t seem to faze him.

Rallying his supporters feeds Trump's ego

Trump seems to be happiest when he is commanding the attention of his supporters, and even debating with his non-supporters. The press conference was supposed to be about the selection of new Labor Secretary, Acosta, but it began with a 20 minute, “all about me” talk from Trump.

It’s not unusual for high-profile executives to enjoy the crowds, the limelight, and the ego boosts.

Obama and Clinton both enjoyed speaking before crowds of supporters. Trump has taken it to a whole new level and is relishing in it. Perhaps that is why he has already started his campaign rallies for re-election in 2020. It will give him the audience he is happiest with. Some called Trump’s press conference a disaster, but the President believes it was a Trump Triumph.